This will explain a little about how cashless registration works with Ronin POS.  Registering for cashless means you are attempting to “LINK” your credit card to your wristband to make purchasing things easy and fast at the festival. 


Our approach is a little different where we don’t ask you to enter any wristband numbers during the registration process.  You will create a profile using your phone number, you’ll create a security pin and then vault your credit card.  You will need to perform this action for each wristband-wearer, using a distinct MOBILE phone number, each time.  You can use the same credit card across different accounts, just be sure to create a unique profile for each wristband-wearer, using their phone number (or just have them do it themselves).  If you’ve created a profile already, the link to the wristband is automatic during your first transaction at the festival.  During this first transaction, you will tap your wristband, you’ll be prompted to enter the mobile number you used to create your profile, you’ll enter your 4-digit security pin and that’s it.  Each subsequent transaction you will only require your pin after tapping.


If you lose your wristband or need to swap it out for another, there is no problem!  You don’t need to re-register, or worry about removing your card from the old wristband.  Just tap the new wristband at the terminal when making a purchase and you’ll be prompted to enter your entire phone number and pin that first time, but all subsequent transactions will only require the pin going forward.


You can log back in to the cashless registration portal if you’d like to change your pin, or make a request to “revoke” your card on file.  Just click the email address link to make that request and we perform that within 24 hours.


If you receive a text from your bank that this activity looks suspicious, please make sure to contact your bank and authorize these charges.  This method of payment can sometimes trip those flags and it will require you to communicate directly with your bank to authorize this.  This doesn’t happen often, but it happens.  If you need to change out your vaulted card because of this sort of thing, again we can help you via the email link in the cashless registration page.  We do our best to answer quickly so you can resume the reasons for being at the event!

Thank you again for registering for cashless and enjoy your time at the event!


Ronin POS